Events for young people age 8-16 from Christian Science Sunday Schools, including online and in person meet ups, and an annual trip to Crystal Lake Camps in the US.

Upcoming Event

Chaperoned trip to Crystal Lake Camps!

This summer, Junior Focus will be running a chaperoned trip to Crystal Lake Camps in Pennsylvania, USA for young people aged 9 – 17.

This is an amazing opportunity to meet with other young Christian Scientists from around the world in a fun, inspiring camp setting. The trip will run from Friday 21st July to Saturday 5th August 2023.

For more information and to register your interest, please get in touch via by Sunday 30th April 2023.

Previous Events

    • October Family Weekend, Cheltenham – 29-31 October 2021 – a weekend of fun activities for Sunday School students and their families 
    • Escape Rooms – 15 February 2021 – interactive Zoom escape rooms and online treasure hunt
    • Costume Party – Sunday 1st November at 4pm – party games, jokes and baking
    • Virtually CLC 2020 Session 3 – 25 July to 7 August – this was a series of online activities run by Crystal Lake Camps. JFers attended online sessions including art baking, and kayaking.
    • Fun Quiz – Saturday 4th July at 10:30am – Two of our past JF-ers – Hannah and Louis – planned and ran Junior Focus Fun and Games III kicking the event off with drawing partner portraits and following this with a fun quiz.
    • Origami Art – Friday 5th June at 7pm – During Junior Focus Fun and Games II we learnt how to make a mini monster or a flying crane with just a piece of paper.
    • Online Pictionary – Saturday 16 May at 4pm – our first online Junior Focus Fun and Games was a great opportunity to catch up with friends over a game of Pictionary.


We’d love to hear your feedback if you have been to any Junior Focus events, to help us make improvements for next time.

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